Solar pool heating

June 20, 2009

Solar pool heating is one of the many applications of solar based heating. These are not only cost efficient but also helps in reducing green house emissions The system is simple to use and relatively very less expensive. It allows people with this system installed to extend the amount of time in the year that they can swim, thus swimming season is expanded. Read the rest of this entry »


Solar chargers

June 16, 2009

Solar chargers are great, for travelers, and of course, for just about anybody. These portable devices are user-friendly, and take energy from the sun. You need not be harassed with carrying international voltage adapters, because there is really no need for it to be plugged into any electrical outlet. Often people worry a lot thinking what kind of charger will work in what country, but solar chargers are guaranteed to work everywhere there is sun. Read the rest of this entry »

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