Solar collector

June 19, 2009

A solar collector is basically a device which is used to use the direct energy of the sun to store it in a more usable variety. Such a collector clubbed with a system of a heat transfer circuit and a proper storage system results in helpful commercial devices. Such systems can be used to fulfill various purposes, for domestic purposes these can be used for warming water or for warming swimming pools or for providing energy for a cooling system etc.

Solar collectors are usually placed on tops of roofs but need not necessarily face the sun. They are angled however according to the latitude of the area where it is being placed.

A solar thermal collector more particularly is called the batch systems. The other kinds of collectors do not usually store the energy, they usually use fluid circulation such as water to transport the heat energy to serve the purposes of heating etc.

How it works is that the collector directly captures the solar radiation using a dark colored surface to absorb this as heat and then transfer it to the carrying fluid. This fluid used is usually water since it has a high thermal capacity. Metal serves the purpose of the conductor, especially metals such as aluminum and copper. Usually these collectors are coated with the kind of metal which would have properties of high absorption but are low on emission.

There are various kinds of these solar collectors. The Heat Pipe Solar Collector for example, is reliable and efficient. It uses red copper pipes, whereby the water gets heated by these pipes quickly. Since there is no water allowed to enter in the vacuum tubes, there is no probability of bursting during the winters. The U Pipe Solar Collectors are ideal on the other hand for pitched or even flat roofs. Here, the vacuum tubes absorb the radiation and transfer it into heat energy and then the energy is passed into the U pipes. The Non-Pressure Solar collector is by far the safest and the most comfortable to install in hotels or schools or other large areas. It is both economical and efficient, and it can supply large amounts of hot water. Another kind of solar collector is the Flat Plate Solar Collector. It uses copper and aluminum composite plates for its system which increase the absorption rates of the device. These are usually extremely solid structures and come in such designs as the anti-typhoon design which is also very efficient. Residential or small-time commercial buildings that need to maintain below two hundred degree Fahrenheit typically use these Flat Plate Collectors, on the other hand, those buildings that need temperatures more than this can use the Evacuated Tube collectors.


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